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1 Satria Hardinata Biosensor Miniaturization for Non-invasive Measurement of Materials and Biological Tissues
2 Herma Yudhi Irwanto Increase Maneuver Performance of High Speed UAV
3 Jiahe Miao New Kind of Self-powered Wireless Digital Sun Sensor
4 Indra Dwisaputra Analysis of Implemented Density Sensor Models with Flow Rate as Disturbance
5 Moh. Yasin Fiber optic sensor for heart rate measurement
Osmalina Rahma Electroencephalogram Analysis with Extreme Learning Machine as a Supporting Tool for Classifying Acute Ischemic Stroke Severity
Riky Tri Yunardi Implementation of Motion Capture System for Trajectory Planning of Leg Swing Simulator
Chomsin Widodo Study on Application of Two Probes at Frequency 0.1 to 10 KHz in Electrical Impedance Measurement System for Various Fats
Muhammad Nurriansyah Design and Data Acquisition of Polarimeter System Based on Microcontroller for Faraday Rotation Instrumentation
10  Arnold Fedriko Characterization of Optical Magnetic Properties, and Measurement of Optically Active Material Concenteration
11  Warsito Warsito Real Time Data Acquisition of Air Quality by Using HAVS TE-6000 Sensor
12  Luthfi Hadsyah Development of Magnetic Generator Data Acquisition System Based on Microcontroller for Faraday Rotation Instrumentation
13  Rahmatillah Akif Prototype of Arm Theraphy Device Using Myoelectric Signal
14  Mokhamad Tirono Combination of Electric Field and Light for Deactivation of Bacteria in Biofilm
15  Jan Ady Study of BaTiO3 for Piezoelectric Ceramic Sensor Prapared by Sol-Gel Reaction in Predominant Ratio C4H8O7 and Ba(NO3)TiO2
16  Khusnul Ain Design of Multi Frequency Current Source for Electrical Impedance Tomography
17  Fitriya Fitriya "Vein Secure" Implementation near Infrared Dorsal Hand Vein Image as Characteristic of Biometric in Self Security System
18  Purwadi Darwito Design of Signal Conditioning for Load-Current Sensor Using Current Transformer Based On Bayesian Filter
19  Suryani Astuti Design and Development of Pressure Pump Based on Microcontroller for Lymphedema Pump Therapy
20  Riries Rulaningtyas Image Registration for Medical Images Application in CT Scan - MRI Fusion
21  Erwin Sutanto Digital Residual Current Device Based On Arduino Uno
22  Retna Apsari Dosimetry of Laser Radiation for In Vitro Cancer Cells Inactivation using Exogenous Chlorophyll and Protoporphyrin IX (PpIX)
23  Talitha Asmaria Medical Image Processing for 3D Printing Application
24  Masruroh Masruroh Effect of Nitrogen Plasma Treatment on the Hydrophilicity of Polystyrene Layer
25  Septia Kholimatussadiah Parallel-Plate Capacitor Sensor for Alkali Metal Ions Detection
26  Masruroh Masruroh FTIR Study of Polystyrene Layer's Hydrophilicity Treated Using Nitrogen Plasma
27  Hasballah Zakaria Non-invasive Pulse Wave Velocity Measurement in Mice
28  Didik Santoso Development of Low Cost Frequency Impedance Spectrometer (SIF) at the Frequency Range from 0.03 Hz to 1 MHz
29  Agus Naba Detection of Resonant Frequency of QCM with Chirp Z-Transform
30  Didik Santoso Development of Portable and Low-Power ESR-Equipment for Free Radicals Detection of Organic's Substances
31  Muhimmatul Khoiro All-Optical Logic Gates in Directional Coupler Waveguide Consisting of Nonlinear Material
32  Dionysius Santjojo Effectivity of Haloalkane (CH2FCF3) Plasma in Selective Etching of a Quartz Crystal Microbalance Biosensor
33  Suhariningsih Suhariningsih Efficacy of Magnetic and Electrical Fields Combine with Infrared Wave for Reducing Blood Glucose Level in Mice with Diabetic Mellitus
34  Risse Rachmanita Effect of Temperature for Measurement Permittivity of Crude oil
35  Siswanto Siswanto Designof High Voltage Electrical Insulating from Cordieritte Ceramic Glass Based on Natural Materials
36  Anggraini Sensusiati The Value of Strain Ratio Measurement in Differentiation Between Benign and Malignant Lymphadenopathy
37  Nur Siddiq All-Optical Logic Gates based Optimized XY-Structured Waveguide Utilizing SnO2 Nonlinear Material
38  Husein Husein Switching Control System Prototype for Reducing Energy Consumption of Air Conditioner Based on Internet of Things (IoT)
39  Djati Handoko Analytic Investigation of Fourier-Transform Holographic Magnetic Imaging Method Based on 4F Imaging System
40  Eva Agustin Respiratory Signal Measurement System Using Pressure Sensor
41  Elfi Yuliza Development of Simple Nozzle-Type Rainfall Simulator for Landslide Simulation
42  Levin Soedarmawan An Enhanced Laser Beam Deflection Measurement System for Refractive Index Gradient and Diffusivity
43  Aji Akbar Firdaus Design and Implementation of Lung Volume Measurements to Measure the Level of Lung Damage via Respiration with Backpropagation Neural Networks
44  Muhammad Fadhlika Flux and Permeability Test System Using Falling-head Method for Water Filtration Performance
45  Winarno Winarno Design of Automatic Focus Digital Microscope
46  Akbar Sujiwa Wire-Mesh Sensor (WMS) Application for Detection of Water Slope
47  Affan Hifzhi Simple liquid-liquid diffusion coefficient measurement system based on refractive index gradients
48  Ayu Malinda Abdomen Belt Vibration: Innovation of Medical Technology Based on Abdomen Wall Contraction to Optimization and Accuracy Urinalysis Result in Patients with Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
49  Yohannes Simamora Uncertainties and Their Estimations in Long Baseline Acoustic Positioning System Applications for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Navigation—A Review
50  Jhelang Annovasho Design and Optimization High-Performance Bi-Circular Loop Antenna with Plane Reflector and Coaxial Feed Line at 2.45 GHz Frequency
51  Maksalmina Farha Combined Algorithm of Total Variation and Gauss-Newton for Image Reconstruction in Two-Dimensional Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT)
52  Ari Sanjaya Design of Voltage Controlled Current Source (VCCS) for Single Frequency Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT)
53  Syukur Pambudi Refractive index gradients behaviour and diffusion coefficient of NaCl aqueous solution by using optical method
54  Muhammad Bustomi Study of the Influence of Antenna Geometry on its Bandwidth
55  Dian Maulana A Simple Automated Surface Tension Measurement Apparatus Using Commercial Balance and Du Nouy Ring
56  Mohamad Aman Modification and Automation of Laser Beam Deflection Measurement System in Determination of Diffusion Coefficient and Estimation of Liquid Fuel Molecules Size
57  Arinto Wardoyo A DC Low Electrostatic Filtering System For PM2.5 Motorcycle Emissions
58  Totok Wianto Measurement Wavelength Optimum chlorophyll a from Eleocharis Dulcis with Spectrophotometer
59  Mohammad Budiyanto Optical Fiber Displacement Sensor Using Concave Mirror For Cholesterol Detection
60  Fajar Darozat Development of Acceleration Based Sensor Using Machine Learning Approach to Classify Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus) Feeding Behavior
61  Fadly Kardianto Design of Monitoring Temperature Based Arduino Uno for Measurement Of Temperature On Mechanical Equivalent Heat's Experiment
62  Markus Diantoro A Comparison of Manual and Shockley's Equation Fit Techniques to Obtain Solar Cell Parameters from I-V Curves
63  Markus Diantoro Simple method for Measuring Conductivity of Liquid Phase Chlorophyll: the influence of Volume and Concentration
64  Syifa Juansyah An Automatic Banana (Musa sp.) Maturity Classification System based on Visible-NIR Imaging
65  Subakti Subakti H-bridge CMOS Based Variable Frequency Current Converter
66  Pujiyanto Pujiyanto The Electrical Signal Processor Uses a Commercial Electronic Component on a Cadmium Ion and Lead Ion Detection System Based on Optical Fiber Displacement Sensors
67  Asnawi Asnawi Fabrication and Characterization of SnO2 Based Optical Waveguide Embedded in Akrylic
68  Mochamad Irwan Nari Semantic Vision System for Monitoring Activity of the Elderly using Camera
69  Wenxiang Cheng Nanothermometer for Laser Induced Hyperthermia by Using Magnetic Nanoparticles
70  Diah Lailatuzzuhria Application of Red Laser Photodynamic for In Vivo Diabetic Wound Healing Therapy
71  Hari Arief Dharmawan Timing Management for Acquisitions of AC Voltage and Current Signals Using an AVR Microcontroller Based System
72  Trias Mahmudiono Dietary Pattern Derived from Principal Component Analysis and Maternal Child Double Burden of Malnutrition in East Java, Indonesia
73  Melania Muntini Modelling and Simulation of Microwave Propagation on Crude Oil Heating
74  Sunaryo Sunaryo Study of Seismic Vulnerability Index (Kg) from Dominant Frequency (fo) and Amplification (Ao) by Means of Microzonation Data: Case Study on Batubesi Dam of Nuha, East Luwu, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
75  Angling Zainuddin Automated Antimicrobial Effectiveness Measurement System using Circular Hough Transform
76  Arie Listyarini A Green label for acetic acid detection based on chitosan and purple sweet potatoes extract
77  Arie Listyarini Colorimetric Method using Natural Dye for Monitoring Fish Spoilage
78  Cuk Imawan Detecting Milk Spoilage Through Colorimetric Label
79  Franky Arisgraha Design of Portable Spirometer for Lung's FEV1 and FVC Diagnosis
80  Cuk Imawan A Paperbased Visual Indicator for Detection of Ammonia Using Ruellia Simplex
81  Sri Rahmadhani Electropolymerized of Aniline as A New Molecularly Imprinted Polymer (MIP) for Determination of Phenol - A Study for Phenol Sensor
82  S. Noertjahjani Classification of epileptic and non epileptic EEG events by feature selection LSE ,Wavelet Bior 3.1
83  Trisna Julian Characteristics of Quartz Crystal Microbalance based Humidity Sensor Coated with PEDOT:PSS/PVA Nanofibers
84  Endarko Endarko Experimental Study On A Double Slope Solar Distillation With Triangular Absorber Plate
85  Shidiq Hidayat Quartz Crystal Microbalance Based Humidity Sensor Coated by PAN Nanofibers and PEDOT:PSS
86  Eko Pramunanto SIBI training system using leap motion with Naive Bayes classification system
87  Maulina Lutfiyah Study of Computational Theory of Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) for Porcine Gelatin Detected Sensor Based Nanomaterial Fe3O4-CNT in Kretschmann Configuration
88  Risalatul Latifah Measurement of Accumulation Radiation Dose in Operator Room of Mammography Using Thermoluminescence Dosimeter
89  Kuwat Triyana Rapid Detection of Cannabis Adulteration in Tobacco Using Lipid/Polymer-based Electronic Tongue
90  Elnasari Ramadhan Face Detection Based on Local Binary Pattern Feature and Deformable Part Model Method Implemented on Quadcopter Control System
91  Aldhiaz Fathra Daiva Electronic Nose for Classifying Beef and Pork using Naïve Bayes Method
92  Hanny Boedinoegroho The Development of Power Factor Regulator System Using Microcontroller
93  Imron Rosadi Low-Cost Wireless Sensor Network for Small Area in Building
94  Ketut Purnama Image Segmentation for Tuberculosis Bacteria based on Color Segmentation Method
95  S. Noertjahjani Classification of epileptic and non-epileptic EEG events by Backpropagation
96  Nuril Ukhrowiyah Pre-Iteration Newton Reconstruction Methods for The Continuous Wave Diffuse Optical Tomography System
97  Deny Arifianto Design and Development of Microcontroller-Based CNC Laser Diode for Photodynamic Inactivation
98  Muhammad Farid Measuring Shear Strain to Mapp Liquefaction Area for Mitigating Earthquake In Bengkulu City
99  Arifin Arifin Design of Sensor Water Turbidity Based on Polymer Optical Fiber
100  Anak Agung Ngurah Surya Laksamana Fall Detector Implementation in a Robot Service
101  Wisma Karunianto Design and Implementation Diffraction Grating Remote Laboratory based on Internet of Things
102  Hanafi Aalamri Automatic Quadcopter Control Avoiding Obstacle Using Camera with Integrated Ultrasonic Sensor
104  Hanifuddin Malik Quadcopter Control System Using Speech Recognition
105  Mairizwan Design and Development of Digital Resistivity Meter
106  Yohandri Yohandri Development of Physics Experiment System for Linear Motion
107  Kunchit Singsoog Power Generation of p-MnSi1.75 and n-Ag Doped Mg2Si Module - -
108  Eduardo Gonnelli Characterization of neutron detectors at the IPEN/MB-01 nuclear reactor
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