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A. Setiono FBG Weight Sensor Based on Laser Diode Transmission Response
Abdul Kodir Pesticide Colorimetric Sensor Based on Silver Nanoparticles Modified by L-cysteine
Adhi Saputro Measuring Antimicrobial Effectiveness Using Non Metric Camera
Adhi Saputro Automatic Tilting Correction System for Inhibition Zones Dimension Measurement Using Low Cost Camera
Agus Naba Haar-like Feature Based Real-Time Neuro Car Detection System
Arif Budianto DC Low Electrostatic Voltage Particulate Filter: PM0,1 and PM 2,5 Emission Efficiency Measurements
Arinto Wardoyo Measurements of PM2.5 Motor Emission Concentrations and the Lung Damages From the Exposure Mice
Ary Syahriar Characteristics of Multi Mode Interference Couplers by the Method of Lines
Ayu Puspitasari Study of Precision Constant Current Sources with Resistor Load and a Cole-Cole Load for Multi-Frequency in Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT)
Bagus Haryadi A Study on the Petiole's Response of Puteri Malu (Mimosa Pudica L.) Respects to Colour Light Illumination
C. Bambang Kuncoro Development of Outdoor Environment Condition and Air Quality Monitoring System
Chomsin Widodo Double Layer Impedance Analysis on the Electrical Impedance Measurement of Solution Using a Parallel Plate
Cuk Imawan A Capacitive-type Humidity Sensor Using Polymer Electrolytes of PVA-LiCl Thick Films
Danang Wijaya Digital Synchronoscope Prototype Based on STM32F401 Nucleo
Dede Sutarya System Identification Based on NARX Neural Networks for Hydrogen Temperature and Flow Rate in Sintering Furnace
Didik Santoso Simple Techniques to Improve Functionality of the Leybold-Heraeus ESR Becomes an Automatics Spectrometer for Free Radicals
Dionysius Santjojo Volt-Ampere Characteristics of a Low Frequency Nitrogen Plasma in a Medium Vacuum Reactor
Djaman Djaman Prototype Design Tools with Crude Oil Viscosity Sensor Proximity
Ehsan Fallahnia Simulation of SAW Nox Gas Sensor with ZnO Nanopillars
Eka Maulana Customized-Optical Sensor Characterization Towards DSSC (Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell) with TiO2 and Chlorophyta Natural Dye
Erwin Susanto Initial Model Design of Reaction Wheel and Magnetic Torque for Nano-Satellite
Erwin Sutanto Design and Simulation of Leakage Current Measurement on Medical Devices Using Helmholtz Coil Configuration
Fahrur Aslami Development of Soil Permeability Meter with Data Acquisition Based on Internet
Hadi Suyono Optimisation of the Reactive Power Injection to Control Voltage Profile by Using Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm
Haerul Ahmadi Design and Characteristics of a Probe Sensor for Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) Temperature Sensor
Hanung Nugroho Automated Segmentation of Hard Exudates Based on Matched Filtering
Hanung Nugroho A New Approach for Detection of Retinal Hemorrhages in Color Fundus Images
Hari Arief Dharmawan Small Network of Spatial Temperature Measurement
Imam Tazi Measurement of Milk Taste Evolution Using Electronic Tongue
Infianto Boimau An Intelligent Irrigation System Based on Fuzzy Logic Controller
Joko Purnomo Design Precision Comparator of 8-bit SAR ADC Based 0,35 Mikro Meter CMOS Technology
Maria Evita Mobile Mode of Mobile Monitoring System for Indonesian Volcano
Maria Evita Mobile Robot Deployment Simulation for Mobile Mode of Mobile Monitoring System for Indonesian Volcano
Martinus Tjahjadi Vision Metrology's Off-The-Shelf Consumer Grade Camera Calibration for High Rise Building Inspection Using UAV
Masruroh KOH Wet Etching Technique for Patterned Formation on Surface of Quartz Crystal with AuPd Mask
Muhammad Abduh Microwaves as Heating Crude Oil with Waveguide Cylinder Models
Muhammad Al Fauzan Design of Real Time Room Monitoring System Using LabVIEW Interface for Arduino
Muhammad Farid Measurement the Sediment Ability in the Respond of Seismic Wave Using Attenuation Coefficient and Ground Vibration Frequency Indicators
Muhammad Syahbana High Resolution Multiple Channel Frequency Counter Using Spartan 3E FPGA
Mukhayyarotin Jauhariyah Refractive Index Measurement of Tellurite Glasses by Using Brewster Angle Method
Neny Kurniawati Modeling of Crude Oil Heating Based on Dual Microwave Sources
Nikmatul Husna Design on Tapered-Optical Fiber Sensor by Laser-Induced Photopolymerization
Nina Aminah Refractive Index Sensor Based on Tapered Optical Fiber Using Comsol Multiphysics
Novia Angelita Estimating Moving Object Speed Based on Video Processing Using Horn-Schunck Method on Optical Flow
Nugroho Pramono Robotic Teacher as Solution in Class to Improve Tenure of Students When Teacher is Away
Nur Sultan Salahuddin Design of Fetal Heartbeat Detector Circuit Using 0.35 Micrometer CMOS Technology
Pratondo Busono Fabrication of Amperometric Triglyceride Biosensor for Medical Application
Pratondo Busono Design and Implementation of Ultrasonic Instrumentation for Intelligent Liquid Level Measurement in Metalic Tank
Ratih Kumalasari Development of Volcano Early Warning System Using Wireless Sensors Network
Retna Apsari The Utilization of the Displacement Sensor System to Estimate Cavities in Dentures Based on Optical Imaging
Ridha Ikhsani Flow Rate Effect of Syringe Pump on Quartz Crystal Microbalance Sensor Resonance Frequency Stability
Riries Rulaningtyas Identification of Multi Variants Tuberculosis Sputum Images Using Self Organizing Map
Rizal Aji Contact Angle Measurement with Tilt Control System for Non Flat Wide Surface
Robby Harahap Interlayer Shorts IC Layout Verification Based CMOS Technology 0,35μm
Rona Diny Impedance Analyzer for Quartz Crystal Microbalance Sensor At Series Resonance
S. Sulistiyanti The Early Identification System Air Pollution-Based on Correlation of Video Sender and GPS Position of UAV VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Samarth Gupta Automated Vehicle Detection Based on Optical Fiber Communication
Siti Chalimah Use of Surface Plasmon Resonance for Identifying Dye Penetration in Mesoporous Layer
Sofian Harahap Characterization on Sound Scattering Coefficients of Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia Crassipes) Diffusers with Different Shapes
Suryani Astuti Efficacy of CNC-Diode Laser Combine with Chlorophylls to Eliminate Staphylococcus Aureus Biofilm
Suryono Suryono On-line Fuzzy Time Series-Markov for Air Temperature Amplitude and Relative Humidity Prediction Using Internet Broadband
Totok R. Biyanto Optimization in Acid Gas Sweetening Plant Based on Least-Squares Support Vector Machine (LS-SVM) Using Grey Wolf Optimizer (GWO)
Wahyu Sujatmiko Thermal Resistance Measurements of Building Envelope Components of Minang Traditional House Using the Heat Flow Method
Wahyu Sujatmiko Comparison Between the Results of Thermal Comfort Measurement and Simulation Results in a Residential Unit in Bandung
Warsito The Flexiforce Sensor as a Measurement of Rainfall Using an Analog Principle
Wenzhong Liu Temperature Estimation by Using Magnetic Nanoparticles
Yohanes Gunawan Yusuf Optimizing Ultrasonic and Barometric Sensor for Quadcopter's Altitude-Hold Using YoHe V1.2 PID and KK V2.0 Board
Yulisdin Mukhlis Design Instrumentation Amplifier (IA) as PreAmp on ECG with 0,35µm CMOS Technology
Iful Amri A Simple Light Dependent Resistor-Based Digital Potentiometer
Yogie Sanjaya Air Temperature Regulation in a Chamber for Rotary Forcespinning
Trisna Julian Development of Data Acquisition System of Gas Sensor Based on Fluctuation-Enhanced Sensing
Experian Elitiawan ADC Resolution Enhancement Using Oversampling and Dithering Method
Shidiq Nur Hidayat Effect of the Sample Temperature on the Accuracy of Electronic Nose to Differentiate Qualities of Tea
Kuwat Triyana Development of low-cost data acquisition for QCM 10 MHz using binary ripple counter of IC 4040 and IC74HC14 as CMOS crystal oscillator qith RC circuit to stability signal
Nasrullah Idris Detection of Salt Content in Soil by Employing the Unique Subtarget Effect in Transversely Excited At Atmospheric (TEA) Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Laser
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